Outsupporting Your Competition

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November 15, 2021

Link: Outsupporting Your Competition

Founders are often eager to delegate supporting their product, treating it as a necessary evil rather than a competitive advantage. After all, there are more important and exciting things to focus on: product development, feature planning, user experience design, fundraising, and so on.

But for a small startup, making amazing support a key feature of your product will help you get more customers, keep customers longer, and increase their lifetime value.

I linked to this article, as support is something we find very important here.

I spent years working tech support for a local hosting company before starting my own projects, so I saw the importance of providing fast, effective support from day one, and have always prided myself on personally looking after every support request that comes in as quickly as possible.

It’s helped grow our userbase, and it’s helped keep users coming back to use our service, so when I read this blog post today, I had to share it here.

In fact, we have multiple ways to be reached on the site, via tickets, as well as via our handy new widget at the bottom of the page when you are logged in:

Clicking “Get In Touch” will let users send an email to us right away, and “Submit an idea” will open the contact form on this site so users can submit their ideas.


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