Why To Do Lists Are Failing Us

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January 16, 2022

Link: Why To Do Lists Are Failing us

If you’re like me, you switch task managers every six months at the point that you have added a bunch of items in your list that you’ll never get around to and can’t bear to be reminded of them again. At which point, you conclude that the app has failed you. It must have because you haven’t completed any of these tasks!

Task management tools fail users because they operate without context. How many times have you been to the grocery store and forgotten the dill pickles you were asked to buy? Or met someone and tens minutes later realized you forgot to ask an important question?

This rang true when I read it today. I’m an avid fan of To Do Lists, but they’re not perfect.

Here at The Interviewr, we use an Agile approach to our business, so we build out updates following sprints. Technically a sprint is a big To Do list of sorts, with User Stories and Tasks, but it works for us so we use it.

Sprints won’t work for all businesses. I know some that are big fans of Waterfall principles, but for us, where we’ve built the entire site on Lean Startup Principles and Practices, Agile has been the way to work.


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