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March 26, 2022

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We’ve been asked how the Browser Phone works versus conducting interviews Phone to Phone, so I thought I’d post about it here.

The Browser phone works with Twilio’s Client software to allow users to conduct interviews straight from their computers. It’s similiar to how you can use Skype to do a Skype call.

When you click the “Start Call” button, the call begins, and a dial pad also appears on the screen:

See the yellow box that says “Ready to start call”? That box will keep you updated on the status of your call, so it will tell you that the Browser phone is dialling and it will also tell you when the connection is made, or if the interviewee hangs up the phone.

The dial pad works the same as the dial pad on your phone, and you can even push buttons on your computer’s keyboard and get the same response. So pressing the number “1″, is the same as clicking the number “1″ on the dial pad.

Why would I use Browser phone over Phone to Phone?

That’s entirely your choice, which is why we left both options for calls. Browser phone we find works great when you want to conduct interviews straight from your computer, you can type your notes on the same page and just talk as you go.

Calls using the Browser Phone are recorded, same as Phone to Phone calls, the only difference is it goes through your computer.

One advantage to using our Browser phone to handle calls, is you don’t have any minutes to worry about if the call was to your cell phone for example.

Phone to phone calls have their uses for on the go, you just have the system call your phone and you can take it with you as you move around.

So really, like I said above, it’s entirely your choice on conducting interviews using the Browser phone or Phone to Phone.. Try one of each and see which you like best.

What else is in store for the Browser phone?

There’s some exciting additions coming in the near future, such as a sound meter to monitor sound, the ability to mute a call, and even stop and restart a recording mid call. We’ll keep you updated as these are rolled out.


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