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March 2, 2022

Our browser phone, currently in beta testing, is about to roll out to all users, and with it, some pricing changes.

All users will have an option of using the browser phone, or having our site call their phone and then the interviewee’s phone.

So the process would be like this:

  1. Time for interview has come…
  2. Login to the site and go the interview you are conducting…
  3. Press the button to make the call in your browser, using your computer’s microphone and headset. The interviewee will still get called to their phone
  4. Or, press the button to use your phone, this will call your phone number, and then the interviewee’s phone number,.

So, what are the pricing changes?

Calls through the browser, will cost the current 30 cents a call, whereas calls using your phone will cost 50 cents a call.

For subscribers, browser calls will cost 20 cents a call, and 40 cents a call when conducting an interview through your phone.



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