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Why Managers Make Terrible Scrum Masters

Agile techniques such as scrum require the attention of an agile team leader or scrum master who can run the daily standups, maintain the velocity charts, and oversee the rituals such as sprint planning meetings, retrospectives and demos.

Those duties generally belong to a member of the development team, and they do take time and attention. That means team members who take on these duties will be drawn away from their normal responsibilities.

Because of this, in companies without dedicated scrum masters, a team’s manager may be tempted to take on the responsibilities.

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Written by: Roger, on June 26, 2014, in Links.

How to Stay Healthy at Your Desk

Staying healthy when you work a desk job can be a challenge. Contrary to popular belief, sitting at a desk all day isn’t easy on your body. You’re probably familiar with all of the potential aches and pains if you’ve spent any significant amount of time working at a desk: strained vision, lower and upper back pain, and […]

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Written by: Roger, on April 28, 2014, in Links.

Playing Card Workout

I’m a fan of Fitocracy and their workout ideas, and their playing card workout is handy when you travel and want to make sure you workout without carrying stuff around, just pack a deck of cards, or even use your computer… All you do is choose any four individual exercises and assign each a suit. […]

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Written by: Roger, on April 4, 2014, in Links, Startup.

The Power of Positivity

These days, it seems stress is a normal part of life. Our daily lives can be crazy, and sometimes things pile on and you can’t help but feel downtrodden, but there is a way to handle it. Our mood and perception of events plays a huge part in our day to day lives. It affects how we […]

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Written by: Roger, on March 28, 2014, in Links.

Unexpected Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Belle Beth Cooper: I wrote a post recently about ways that you can work smarter, not harder. As I worked through the list of techniques I’d collected, the post became so long that I had to split it in half. Here are even more suggestions to help you make your day more productive without putting […]

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Written by: Roger, on March 11, 2014, in Links.

10 Most Common Rookie Mistakes in Public Speaking

Terry Gault: Having coached clients on presentation skills since 1997, I’ve noticed some clear patterns in the behavior of inexperienced presenters. Take a look at the prezi we’ve made to illustrate these 10 mistakes, and the easy ways that you can avoid them. What are your favorite tips for giving a great presentation? Add them […]

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Written by: Roger, on March 6, 2014, in Links.


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