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Tool of the week for journalists – The Interviewr

Tool of the week: The Interviewr What is it? A tool to schedule, record and archive interviews How is it of use to journalists? The Interviewr has been designed for journalists. It allows you to schedule phone interviews, add notes and questions you want to ask, record and store the audio, and upload related files.

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Written by: Roger, on January 9, 2012, in In The News.

LifeHacker: TheInterviewr Records, Schedules Your Interviews and Other Phone Calls

There are a few ways of recording phone calls—Skype, a third-party jailbreak app on your iPhone, a digital voice recorder with a headphone adapter, incoming Google Voice calls—but none have been as easy as using TheInterviewr. The webapp lets you schedule interviews, upload documents you’ll use for that interview, and best of all, record it […]

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Written by: Roger, on August 24, 2011, in In The News.


The Interviewr Blog is the official online publication written by the developers of TheInterviewr about their online Interview Relationship Manager, related technologies, and whatever else may fit their fancy—like robots.

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