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March 22, 2022

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As promised, our browser phone is now live.  This new feature means you can now conduct interviews straight from your computer to your interviewee’s phone. We do recommend you use headphones to block out any background noise.

The cost for browser phone interviews are 30 cents a call for non-subscribers and 20 cents a call for subscribers.

You can also choose to still conduct interviews phone to phone. Phone to phone interviews are what you had previously where you would press a button and we would call your phone and then the interviewee’s phone.

The cost for phone to phone interviews are 50 cents a call for non-subscribers and 40 cents a call for subscribers.

We like to give people a choice on the types of interviews they conduct, so we kept both choices.

And if you’re worried about not having a dialling pad. When you press the button to begin a browser call, the screen will change like this:


The dial pad is neat because you can use your mouse to push the buttons, or actually push the buttons on your keyboard. So pressing “1″ on your computer will actually be the same as pressing “1″ on your dialling pad.

Written by Roger Stringer


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