The Launch of the Twilio Cookbook

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September 23, 2021

Over the past year, I’ve been working on the Twilio Cookbook for Pakt Publishing.

Last week, at Twiliocon 2013, the book was launched, and I thought I’d share some thoughts on it here.

It was with quiet excitement that I traveled to San Francisco for the 3rd annual TwilioCon, and listened to the keynotes that introduced new features which will help make life easier for developers… And it was with not so quiet excitement that I listened to Jeff Lawson announce the launch of the Twilio Cookbook, and later sat down and signed copies for everyone as they asked questions about the book and about The Interviewr.

Listening to a few people, gave me some ideas about the next version, ideas which will be ironed out pretty quickly.

Just to quickly talk about The Twilio Cookbook, this book contains a vast amount of my knowledge from working with Twilio’s API, some of this knowledge has been learned from building The Interviewr, and working with various clients on several projects over the past 3 years or so that I’ve worked with Twilio. And I am very happy to talk about this book and share some of what it contains.

Actually, here’s the table of contents to show what the book covers:

  1.  Chapter 1: Into the Frying Pan
    • Introduction
    • Adding two-factor voice authentication to verify users
    • Using Twilio SMS to set up two-factor authentication for secure websites
    • Adding order verification
    • Adding the Click-to-Call functionality to your website
    • Recording a phone call
    • Setting up a company directory
    • Setting up Text-to-Speech
  2. Chapter 2: Now We’re Cooking
    • Introduction
    • Tracking account usage
    • Screening calls
    • Buying a phone number
    • Sett ing up a voicemail system
    • Building an emergency calling system
  3. Chapter 3: Conducting Surveys via SMS
    • Introduction
    • Why use PDO instead of the standard MySQL functions?
    • Letting users subscribe to receive surveys
    • Building a survey tree
    • Sending a survey to your users
    • Adding tracking for each user
    • Listening to user responses and commands
    • Building a chart of responses
  4. Chapter 4: Building a Conference Calling System
    • Introduction
    • Scheduling a conference call
    • Sending an SMS to all participants at the time of the call
    • Starting and recording a conference
    • Joining a conference call from the web browser
    • Monitoring the conference call
    • Muting a participant
  5. Chapter 5: Combining Twilio with Other APIs
    • Introduction
    • Searching for local businesses via text
    • Getting the local weather forecast
    • Searching for local movie listings
    • Searching for classifieds
    • Getting local TV listings
    • Searching Google using SMS
    • Searching the stock market
    • Getting the latest headlines
  6. Chapter 6: Sending and Receiving SMS Messages
    • Introduction
    • Sending a message from a website
    • Replying to a message from the phone
    • Forwarding SMS messages to another phone number
    • Sending bulk SMS to a list of contacts
    • Tracking orders with SMS
    • Sending and receiving group chats
    • Sending SMS messages in a phone call
    • Monitoring a website
  7. Chapter 7: Building a Reminder System
    • Introduction
    • Scheduling reminders via text
    • Getting notified when the time comes
    • Retrieving a list of upcoming reminders
    • Canceling an upcoming reminder
    • Adding another person to a reminder
  8. Chapter 8: Building an IVR System
    • Introduction
    • Setting up IVRs
    • Screening and recording calls
    • Logging and reporting calls
    • Looking up HighriseHQ contacts on incoming calls
    • Getting directions
    • Leaving a message
    • Sending an SMS to your contacts
  9. Chapter 9: Building Your Own PBX
    • Introduction
    • Getting started with PBX
    • Setting up a subaccount for each user
    • Letting a user purchase a custom phone number
    • Allowing users to make calls from their call logs
    • Allowing incoming phone calls
    • Allowing outgoing phone calls
    • Deleting a subaccount
  10. Chapter 10: Digging into OpenVBX
    • Introduction
    • Building a call log plugin
    • Building a searchable company directory
    • Collecting Stripe payments
    • Tracking orders
    • Building a caller ID routing plugin
    • Testing call flows

As you can see, I covered a lot of topics in this book.. :)


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