Five First Steps to Top-Notch Customer Support

Written by:

Roger Stringer

February 19, 2022

Link: Five First Steps to Top-Notch Customer Support

Marsha Collier, writing for Owner Magazine:

If you’re reading this, I am going to make a wild assumption that you have a business and have some sort of presence online. Your business needs to connect with customers online. In today’s era of online customer service, you want to be sure that your customers feel they have your undivided attention.

That’s not an easy task; very few of us have an extra minute to spare. Your goal is first call resolution to customer issues. Save time with the tips below and your customer outreach will become a whole lot easier.

I came across this article in the always excellent Owner Magazine that thought I’d share it since we’ve been talking about customer support lately and this article has a few interesting tips.


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