The Psychology Behind Brainstorming

Written by:

Roger Stringer

February 21, 2022

Link: The Psychology Behind Brainstorming: Why it Doesn’t Always Work and 4 Ways To Get Ideas More Consistently

Today’s post was supposed to be about how to have an effective brainstorming session. Unfortunately, when I started researching brainstorming and what it’s really all about, I nearly put myself to sleep.

I’ve never come across so much talk of meetings and rules and conference rooms in a topic that supposed to be creative. Then again, that’s part of the problem: brainstorming was actually designed to be a method for solving problems. Creative ideas might be needed to solve problems but generating ideas for new, creative projects or initiatives isn’t really the same thing.

As the Wikipedia page for brainstorming says:

Today, the term is used as a catch all for all group ideation sessions.

We’re using the term brainstorming so often, in so many contexts, that it’s starting to become trite. What I did find in my research were some insights about better ways to come up with fresh ideas than a structured brainstorming session. I think these four in particular could be really useful.

Another interesting post from the guys over at Buffer…


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