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March 30, 2022

Did you know we updated our activity stream?

A fairly handy, but little advertised feature that we expanded on a month ago is our Latest activity section.. We updated our Latest activity page into a proper activity stream that records everything you do, so you can go back and see what you’ve done each month..

We’ve found it pretty handy for ourselves.

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February 27, 2022

Some changes coming

On March 5th, TheInterviewr is leaving beta, and as part of that we are making some changes.. Starting March 5th, all calls will cost 30 cents for regular users, and 20 cents for subscribers.

30 and 20 cents is still cheaper than the average phone call, we actually spent some time crunching those numbers to arrive at the correct totals to continue to give you guys great service.

As part of this, all existing users will receive a credit of 5 dollars to their accounts to use towards calls, and credits can be topped up at anytime.

New users when they sign up will also receive 5 dollars in calling credits to start using the service as soon as they come in.

What are some advantages to being a subscriber?

Well, aside from paying less for calls, you also get access to premium features such as setting your own outgoing phone number, and a few other features launching soon. All for 1 dollar a month.

What are some other subscriber only features coming soon?

First of all, we are launching the ability to automatically export your calls to other locations such as soundcloud, Evernote, Dropbox, or just plain FTP. This means you can get your interview into your systems faster. We are also launching the ability to host multi party interviews with 3 or more people, this has been a long requested feature and we are testing it with a select group of users now.

Since July, TheInterviewr has been grown to server over 1200 users and has been used to host thousands of interviews since it started last July and leaving beta is a big moment for us. We’ve got exciting things planned for the future, and we’re happy you’re all here for it.

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February 2, 2022

Where we’re at…

We had a slight slow down in January due to some personal business that had to be dealt with, but now we’re back in full swing and working towards getting new updates launched.

February is going to be a busy month for us, We have lots of new features coming, including optional auto-dialing, video interviews, an offical API for developers to integrate our service into their services and a few other surprises.

The API is something we’re particularly excited about, it currently powers our iPhone app, but we plan to make it available for developers to use on a broader spectrum. With our API, developers can use our system with their systems, so you could integrate interviews into your existing CRM for example.

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January 9, 2022

Tool of the week for journalists – The Interviewr

Link: Tool of the week for journalists – The Interviewr

Tool of the week: The Interviewr What is it? A tool to schedule, record and archive interviews How is it of use to journalists? The Interviewr has been designed for journalists. It allows you to schedule phone interviews, add notes and questions you want to ask, record and store the audio, and upload related files.

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December 13, 2021

TheInterviewr uses Twilio for call recording, SMS reminders and more

Link: TheInterviewr uses Twilio for call recording, SMS reminders and more

It’s the Monday after a long holiday weekend, and you’re a corporate recruiter facing a long list of candidates you need to call. But first, there’s a mountain of information to locate and review, not to mention dozens of interviews and auto-reminders to set up.

You love your job, but this part of it is drudgery. You start daydreaming: If only there was an app that would organize all your interview notes, handle the scheduling and keep track of recordings.

If you were Roger Stringer, the founder of TheInterviewr, this would be the moment you would start coding.

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December 12, 2021

Meet Version 2, the world’s first Interview Relationship Manager ™

Today we rolled out version 2 of, with more features rolling out over the next week or two.

With today’s release, we become official as the world’s first Interview Relationship Manager ™, this changes things..

You can now add contacts, and associate interviews with contacts so that you have better tracking. This works for organizations that want to interview someone for a job, and want to review their first interview, etc.

You can also choose to display your interviews by calendar view, as well as lots of other changes that you can all see pretty quickly.

Other updates coming shortly include:

  • Vdeo Interviews
  • groups, add other users to your account (subscription users only)
  • Option of using browser-based phone for interviews or continue with your own phone.
  • Caller ID, have your interview call appear as your phone number (subscription users only).
  • Transcribing, we’ve got most of this in place with a partner and will be releasing more info shortly.

Also, the subscription price will be raising shortly, so if you haven’t gotten onboard at our beta subscription rate, I suggest you do so very soon, as the current offer will expire before long.

That is all for now, 

Enjoy :)

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