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December 31, 2021

Looking forward…

2012 is about to close, and tomorrow we will step into 2013.

We’re sitting here brainstorming where the first quarter of 2013 will bring us and it’s an exciting time:

  1. The new mobile apps will be in the app stores for iPhone, iPad and Android. They got slightly delayed as we decided to make them even easier to use.
  2. Browser-based calling, so you can choose to have the call be handled directly from your browser to your interviewee’s phone, taking away the need to use your phone if you want to. This will be optional, and you will have two buttons to begin the call with, “browser” or “call your phone”
  3. Video Interviews, we’ve finally got this one nearly ready to launch so you can conduct video interviews and store them to view later.
  4. A few new subscriber features. We can’t give everything away, but trust me, you’ll like them

We’ve seen The Interviewr grow every month, with new users and more and more interviews being conducted every day. We’re seeing new features being used as they get added such as the new tagging system and our transcription service, and it makes us happy.

The Interviewr was built in 2011 because we saw a need that had to be filled. We created the world’s first Interview Relationship Manager, where people could properly organize, conduct and record interviews for the first time, and our focus has always been on improving that service.

So I just want to finish by saying Thank you for being along for the ride, and look forward to seeing you all in 2013..

Oh, and Happy New Year!

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December 11, 2021

Tools We Use

We use various tools to help make The Interviewr your premiere Interview location.

Some are web apps, some are installed apps.

This post is to give credit where credit’s due and introduce you to apps that can work well.

Tools built by others

  • Intercom.io, is our first tool… This handy CRM helps us see how people are using the site and from where in the world they are from.. This helps us make decisions such as what languages to support in our upcoming localization update, and what features to keep, remove, build upon.
  • IFTTT.com, If-This-Then-That lets us handle various functions such as sharing our blog posts to twitter and app.net via buffer app
  • Coda 2, this installed desktop app is used to build our site and handle any coding needed. It’s handy site management features make it fast to switch between working on the front end of the site, logged in area of the site, or the API.
  • WordPress, the front end of this site, and the blog are powered by WordPress.
  • Twilio handles all of our phone work
  • Box.net is used for secure cloud storage of all files uploaded by our users related to interviews and contacts. We also use Box.net for sharing files between various people as we work on bringing our users the best solutions we can.
  • Basecamp is used for project management, notes, planning, communications, just about anything really.

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November 7, 2021

Meet our original beta tester..

Back when I first started testing TheInterviewr a year ago, I needed to make sure it was easy to use, so I’d pass one of my phones to my then 3 year old and send her to another room to answer it.

Many of our first interviews were actually conversations between my daughter and I as we tried to make sure everything worked right. It actually became a game for her, as we’d talk on the phones, then she’d listen to herself from the recording, sometimes she’d even sing since she knew it was going to save what ever she said.

Now over a year later, she’s still our first beta tester, and she knows the site as well as everyone. She gives final input on several new features and look, since if a 4 and a half year old can use it, then so can anyone.

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November 7, 2021

How Transcriptions Work

We introduced our transcription service last week to all users, and I thought I’d write how it works for those who were wondering.

After you complete an interview, you’ll have the option to get it transcribed.

When placing the order, you can choose from a number of different packages depending on how fast you need the transcription.

Once we’ve received payment, the interview is queued and assigned to one of our transcribers who then get to work.

Once they’re marked the transcription as complete, you’ll receive an email containing a formatted PDF file, as well as being able to view the transcription from your account at anytime.

How large is the transcription team?

Currently, we have five transcriptions as well as a lead transcriptionist. We have a pool we can call on to add more if we need to anytime as well, which means we can quickly grow to handle any number of orders.

How is the pricing organized?

Pricing is per-minute, based on the length of the interview and the package you choose, our packages are:

  1. Budget Transcriptions (a 10 – 12 day turnaround): $1.00 a minute
  2. 6 Day Transcriptions (within 6 days): $1.50 a minute
  3. 3 to 5 Day Transcriptions (within 3 to 5 days): $2.00 a minute
  4. 24 Hour Transcriptions (within 1 day): $2.50 a minute

Don’t others offer similar services?

Sure, but we wanted to do this in-house, and we’ve had requests for transcription services since the site first launched, so it’s always been planned, and the timing was right to do it now as we enter our second year.

I have more questions about this service

Questions are welcome, please email us anytime here

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May 4, 2022

2-4-1 deposits

This month marks my wedding anniversary, mother’s day, and the ending of spring and warming up towards summer, so with that in mind, We’re making May 2-4-1 month.

For the rest of this month, any deposit made to your accounts, will get you the same amount credited to your account. :)

So a $5 dollar deposit will get you $10 dollars :)

Just a way of saying thank you to our users who have helped grow TheInterviewr

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August 4, 2021

Who is TheInterviewr for?

Recently, I got asked this question… Originally TheInterviewr was created for journalists or bloggers who conduct interviews with people for stories, but as this project has come along, I’ve realized this…

TheInterviewr is for anyone who conducts any type of interview, from a journalist, to a blogger to a person interviewing someone about a job.

We began making tool for handling all interviews, and the end result is exactly that… A tool to handle all types of interviews.

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