Frequently Asked Questions

Where in the world can I call?

Currently, we support calling anywhere that is serviced by Twilio.

What does this service cost?

TheInterviewr is a pay as you go service, you pay only as you use the service.

We have two types of calling: browser-based calling, where you talk from your computer to the interviewee on their phone, and phone to phone where we call your phone and then the interviewee’s phone.

Browser phone calls cost 30 cents a call for regular users, and 20 cents a call for subscribers.

Phone to phone calls cost 50 cents a call for regular users, and 40 cents a call for subscribers.

We also offer a subscription service, for 1 dollar a month which will also give you access to premium features as we develop them.

What timezone are interviews stored in?

We grab your timezone when you first sign up, and store interviews based on your timezone, so you’ll always see interviews in your local time.

Do you call me or do I log in to start the call?

Currently, you log in and start your call, we are working on auto calling, but you would have to configure that yourself when we do it, as sometimes you want to start the interview when you are ready.

What number do calls come from?

If you are a free user, calls to you and to your interviewee will either come from (206) 504-2754 or (404) 647-0559

If you are a subscriber, then you can add your own number to use as a caller ID.

Why can’t I edit or cancel an interview?

If you have already conducted the interview, then you can not edit or cancel it only view it.

Is there a way that I can transcribe my calls?

Absolutely, we have a team of trained transcriptionists standing by to transcribe your interview at an affordable rate at anytime:

Our transcription service is offered at an affordable rate:

  1. Budget Transcriptions (a 10 – 12 day turnaround): $0.75 a minute
  2. 6 Day Transcriptions (within 6 days): $1.25 a minute
  3. 3 to 5 Day Transcriptions (within 3 to 5 days): $1.75 a minute
  4. 24 Hour Transcriptions (within 1 day): $2.50 a minute

Transcriptions are handled by our team of transcribers and once you place your order, we assign a transcriber to your interview and he or she will keep you updated as they transcribe your call.

The transcription will appear in your interview once finished so you can use it at your leisure, we also email you a nicely formatted PDF file as well. You can also download the PDF at anytime from your interview.

How do I dial international numbers?

When dialing international numbers you must add ‘+’ before the country code, followed by the phone number.

For example, to dial a number in Paris, France, use ‘+331XXXXXXX’ where ‘33’ is the country code for France, ‘1’ is the city code for Paris, and ‘XXXXXXX’ is the phone number to dial.

How long are recordings kept?

Recordings are kept up to 6 months, you can download a recording at anytime, and we are adding more ways to export to your favourite services

What’s the difference between browser phone and phone to phone calling?

When you schedule an interview, you’ll see these options on your page?

Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 9.47.04 PM

Conducting your interview using the Browser phone means we create a call between your computer and your interviewee’s phone. So while the person being interviewed talks through his or her phone, you just talk through your microphone on your computer. This lets you keep your hands free to take notes, it’s also a little bit cheaper than calls through your phone.

Choosing to conduct an interview using the Phone to Phone option, means we’ll first call your phone, and then we’ll call the person you are interviewing, and the interview will be conducted that way.

Both types of calls are recorded for you to come back to at anytime to listen to, so the choice is entirely yours for which type of call to make.

Or schedule multiple interviews and try them both out. :)

This FAQ is a work in progress, if you think of any questions we are missing,

Please contact us with suggestions