What does this cost?

Our pricing plans are very simple.

When you first sign up, you get a $5 dollar credit deposited into your account. You can top that up anytime you want.

Each interview costs just cents a call, per call, not per minutes like others do.

When you conduct an interview, you can choose to use our browser phone to do the call, or place the call phone to phone.

Browser phone calls cost 30 cents a call for regular users, and 20 cents a call for subscribers.

Phone to phone calls cost 50 cents a call for regular users, and 40 cents a call for subscribers.

Just to be clear, we charge per call, we don’t charge per minute or per region.. All calls are the same to us :)

Premium Subscribers

If you want more features, you can subscribe for $1 dollar a month to our premium plan, which lets you have calls coming from your phone number, and other features.

Subscribers get browser phone interviews at 20 cents a call, and phone to phone interviews are 40 cents a call, so that’s a 10% savings per call for that $1 dollar a month


Our transcription service is offered at an affordable rate:

  1. Budget Transcriptions (a 10 - 12 day turnaround): $0.75 a minute
  2. 6 Day Transcriptions (within 6 days): $1.25 a minute
  3. 3 to 5 Day Transcriptions (within 3 to 5 days): $1.75 a minute
  4. 24 Hour Transcriptions (within 1 day): $2.50 a minute

Transcriptions are handled by our team of transcribers and once you place your order, we assign a transcriber to your interview and he or she will keep you updated as they transcribe your call.

The transcription will appear in your interview once finished so you can use it at your leisure, we also email you a nicely formatted PDF file as well. You can also download the PDF at anytime from your interview.